Drama of the Black Square – Victor X –

Location: Galleria Kajava, Vallilan kirjasto / Gallery Kajava, Vallila Library
Price: Free
Address: Päijänteentie 5, 00550 Helsinki

Are artists always satisfied with their artwork? Are they ever confident that they produce valuable masterpieces that can impress audiences? Why do they make art, first of all? This December Galleria Kajava is proud to present the art of Victor “X” Khashchanskiy in his exhibition: “The Drama of the Blacks Square.”


Victor “X” Khashchanskiy was born in Dzerzhinsk, a small town in the Soviet Union in 1959. He graduated from the Leningrad State Institute of Motion Pictures in 1983. Apart from his Master’s degree as an audio engineer, he also has a diploma in graphic design. While working as an engineer at his primary job, he was a graphic designer at Leningrad Jazz Club “Kvadrat” for 11 years. Victor moved to Finland from St.Petersburg in 2000. A few years later, he restarted his artistic activities as a painter and a sound artist. He had his first solo exhibition in 2007 at The Russian Centre of Science and Culture in Helsinki. Since then he has held several solo exhibitions in Finland (inc. Kirkkonummi, Turku, Helsinki, and Kotka) and one in The ERARTA Museum of Modern Art in St.Petersburg, Russia (2014). Later in 2014, he curated intercultural exhibition Listen – Kuuntele at The Russian Centre of Science and Culture. Both his paintings and music were a significant component of the large-scale exhibition in Kanneltalo Gallery (2015) as a part of the programme Harasoo! — The Russian culture festival in Helsinki.

In 2014 Victor joined Triada, The Union of Russian painters, and became a member of Catalysti, The Transcultural Artist Association, in 2012. During the last ten years, he participated in over twenty group exhibitions around Finland, Russia, and Spain. Victor’s artistic style is characterized as music-influenced abstractionism combined with a surrealistic appearance. In addition to his artistic work, he has developed computer software which finds musical elements in images —a process based on Kandinsky’s theory of abstract art. Thanks to this software, he presents musical interpretations of his paintings within the exhibition space.


Website: http://victorx.eu
Phone: +358 40 772701

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