Discussion: ‘Immigrant Artists and New Environment’

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Address: Mikonkatu 17 C / Vuorikatu 14

‘Immigrant Artists and New Environment’
On 27.10 at 17-19, at Caisa Gallery

Throughout the history of immigration, many societies have immeasurably been enriched by the contributions of artists from every land carrying new ideas and styles to coexist with a new artistic tapestry.
Later on, a mix of styles emerge in these new environments, and it soon starts effecting on the existing artistic forum.
In Finland, the artistic atmosphere started during the past years to host new art forms visibly mixed in foreign roots. Immigrant artists started to carry out this mixture through music fusion performances with Finnish artists, visual artists share exhibitions with local artists, etc.
However, could these new artistic forms in Finland shape future artistic trends, figures, and movements from other environments?
Could these different artists who move back and forth between Finland and other countries carry out visible positive new forms in terms of integration process of artists?
In our discussion ‘Immigrant Artists and New Environment’ that will take place on 27.10 at Caisa Gallery, we try to evoke this issues with two visual artists from Iraq: Muhaned Durubi and Hodhayfa Salih. The moderator of the event is Amir Khatib, an Iraqi visual artist who came to Finland since over than 30 years ago.
The discussion will be in English. Cofee, tea, fruits and snacks will be served.
On the same occasion, the participants will also have the chance to discover the exhibition ‘Urgent Call’ of both artists at Caisa Gallery. Welcome!
For more information, please contact:
Cultural producer:
Faruk Lika

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Immigration services coordinator:
Hamza Amarouche

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