Dear You�s A Live Act

Location: Teatteri ILMI �.
Address: Iso Roobertinkatu 10 B Helsinki

Friday, 13.10, 10.30 – 13.00, workshop with p�iv�koti Saukko
Saturday, 14.10, 12 – 16, open workshop for children and adults
Sunday, 15.10, 14 – 15, performance open for everybody

Imagined spaces come creatively alive in Dear You�s A Live Act during Ilmio Festari on 13, 14, 15 of October.  There will be school workshop with p�iv�koti Saukko on Friday, open workshop on Saturday, and a final interactive artwork for everybody to experience and to contribute on Sunday. 
We will explore and realize our imagined worlds through an installation. In the workshops we will use techniques such as sound recording and looping, multimedia projections, textile sculpture, performance, and light techniques to create the set for the participatory installation.
Materials will be provided and art techniques for building multi-sensory installation will be introduced. The public will be invited to interact with the artwork on Sunday 15.10.  Viewers will be able to experience a site specific narrative on making imagined worlds come to life.


About the creators:

Anastasia Artemeva is a visual and relational artist, born in Russia, raised in Ireland, and currently based in Helsinki, Finland. Her work is developed through a process-oriented artistic practice, drawn from installation art, art education, and research in human rights. Conceptually, it draws from the codes of social norms and accepted truths, questioning transparency and exclusivity affected by socio�political, cultural and personal restrictions and means of communication.

Arlene Tucker, is a Taiwanese and American interactive installation artist and educator interested in adding play elements to daily life through her art. Inspired by translation studies, animals and nature, she finds ways to connect and make meaning in our shared environments. Often her artworks create spaces for dialogue to be opened and to be divulged, making way for interpretations and surprises to flourish. Arlene created Dear You in 2013 as a means for school children, schools, and artists from all over the world to come together through mail art exchange. Over her career she has presented her work as an artist and art educator in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Vera Lapitskaya is a dance artists and educator based in Helsinki. Since 2009, she�s been working as an independent solo performer and in collaborations with other artists in Finland and internationally. In her artistic work she is looking for a multidisciplinary approach which gives space for dance to meet music, paintings, poetry and other art forms. In her teaching she approaches human body as a source of inspiration and encourages students, regardless age, to express themselves through physical movement and to find their own body language.

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