Crossroads Art Evening

Location: Kanneltalo and Kannelm�ki Library
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Address: Klaneettitie 5, 00420 Helsinki

Crossroads Art Evening

Hosted by New in Helsinki and Kanneltalo

Crossroads Arts Evening is a multicultural event that will take place at both Kanneltalo and Kannelm�ki Library. The event contains different workshops, exhibitions and music performances by Finnish, immigrant and refugee artists based in Helsinki.
��Feel My Story In My Art�� is our slogan for the event, which aims at promoting awareness and understanding of art forms. From painting, handmade wood and glass, jewellery art, felted soap design to music in its different genres: Flamenco, Hip Hop music and Arabic traditional music.
Crossroads Arts Evening gathers Finnish and immigrant artists from different communities based in Finland: Italy, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Venezuela, Guinea, Syria, Iraq, Kurdistan, India and Afghanistan.

1- Painting workshop: 14-16 (Kannelm�ki Library)

��Find happiness�� workshop by Minna Lehtonen (Finland).
It�s meant for everyone, Finns, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers…etc the idea is to get happiness through painting, gain self-confidence, mental strength, joy and light.

2- Music performances: 16-18 (Kanneltalo Caf�)

Flamenco music by ��Cuejero Trio��: Lotta-Maria Pitk�nen, Javier Sanchez Perez and Ricardo Padilla (Finland, Spain, Chile)
16:45- 17:15
Hip Hop music by Rohollah Hosseini (Afghanistan)

Arabic dancing music Fardoos Helal, Ari Qaradakhi and Abdoulaye Cond� (Syria, Kurdistan, Guinea)

3- Exhibitions and Work-in-progress: 14:00-18:00 (Kanneltalo Lounge)

– Indian traditional and cultural items (Royal Bollywod)
– Afghan traditional objects (Afghanilaisten j�rjest� ry)

– Jewellery art, by Alexei Navarrete Quan (Mexico)
– Felted soap design, by Carmine Montuori (Italy)
– Handmade wood and glass, by Bilal Alskuti (Iraq).
– �Insights for Finland 100 years�� painting, by Saeed Al-Madame Saeed Mahmood Jasim (Iraq).

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