Course in Contemporary Art: How To Inhabit A Transitory Space (HITS)

Location: Art School Maa
Price: 200

Course in Contemporary Art
How To Inhabit A Transitory Space (HITS)
Every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:30
Part I: from day 30.1.2017 to day 1.04.2017 – 18 classes (200 �)

We enroll starting from 4.12.2016, Deadline for enrolling: 20.01.2017
Interested people should contact teacher directly at egodit(at)
FB Group:

Teacher: Egle Oddo (speaks English, Spanish and Italian)
Place: Art School Maa � Suomenlinna, and other locations.

How to Inhabit a Transitory Space

If you need to sparkle your creative process, you have a place in this course. We offer a research method to people who are creative and eager to learn. The students will be guided to use their potential to its best. The program is structured around practical exercises involving installation, video, assemblage, collage, photography, performance and painting.

Besides the group activities, the teacher will work with each student individually. Students with their own on-going projects are welcome to develop them during the course.

As part of the course, the students will be guided to produce and prepare their works to be shown publicly.
For example several works will be shown during AAVE festival in April.

Several lessons will be also dedicated to improve the students� skills in organizing their individual portfolio. Those who are in process to approach entrance exams for Art Schools will be followed in their preparation and helped in straightening their confidence.


Visual artist Egle Oddo has been teaching phenomenology of contemporary art at the evening course of Taidekoulu Maa since 2008, and since the beginning she has involved her students in public shows, festivals, and meetings with gallerists as part of their learning process.

With her method, she assists the students in accessing contemporary art through art practice. Her Course in Contemporary Art is designed to offer creative tools to improve the dialogue between people and public space.

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