Causatum3 Live Cinema – Politic Polemic, a Truel

Location: The New Space, Kyrkoesplanaden 20, Vaasa

Welcome to the first event of #Catalysti #boldmaker program 2019, Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity! At Fimverkstaden in Vaasa on Saturday 23.2.

Politic Polemic is the third event in the Causatum Live Cinema series, on a concept by Marek Pluciennik: the events are purely committed to practices using improvised live moving image and sound. The focus is on ephemeral nature of moving image, when created live without a script or score. The events delve into the subconscious of the image and sound creation, in an attempt to be well ahead of film and sound narrative realization, usually created and mediated through the written word.

This time we are tackling the Political: crafty, discreet and cunning; and the Polemic: fractious, unreasonable, scrappy, to give you some synonyms of each word.

We have always lived in a time where Political ruled space outside, Polemic while loud at times was in closed spaces the driving force. Is the opposite true today?

Participants of the Truel:
Juan Duarte, Arvid van der Rijt, Marek Pluciennik.
“A truel is a duel among three opponents, in which players can fire at one another in an attempt to eliminate them while surviving themselves. “

The event is a co-operation between Catalysti and Filmverkstaden.
The organizers thank Kone Foundation for its support.

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