Catalysti goes to World Village Festival

Location: Kaisaniemen puisto
Address: Kaisaniemen puisto

Four amazing artists members of Catalysti will participate at the world village festival with 2 art events.

Sat 27.5.2017 11.00�21.00 Kaisaniemi Park 
Sun 28.5.2017 11.00�19.00 Kaisaniemi Park 
Poet Roxana Cris�logo Correa and artist Martina Mi�o P�rez welcome visitors to interact with an installation, to reflect upon lines, landscapes, cartography and the imagined territories of Latin America through the action of drawing, erasing and appropriating. 

Through the use of visual poetry and collage, we can all connect with the collective memory of a continent and with an identity that is still being shaped. 

Peruvian poet ROXANA CRIS�LOGO Correa (b. 1966) lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. She is the author of four books of poetry. Roxana’s poetry recovers stories of daily life, creating a new heroism around the characters. Her work also explores transnational identities through spiritual and concrete migration and immigration experiences. She is the founder of the multilingual literature project Sivuvalo. 

Ecuadorian MARTINA MI�O P�REZ (b. 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist, living and working in Helsinki, Finland. Martina�s works appear as dreamlike compositions, texts and images, in which meanings shift and the realm of reality is absorbed by fiction. Her work has been exhibited and published in Finland and in Latin America.

ArtworkInstallationVisual Art
Sat 27.5.2017 11.00�21.00 Kaisaniemi Park 
Sun 28.5.2017 11.00�19.00 Kaisaniemi Park 
The artists transforms a container into an interactive audio-visual instrument, inviting the public to co-create and compose music and images.

MAREK PLUCIENNIK is an artist currently working with film, video, live art and cinema. He lives and works in Helsinki. 

ALEJANDRO OLARTE is an electroacoustic musician and researcher working and living in Helsinki. His interests include improvisation, synthesisers, digital lutherie, performance art and pedagogy. 

Pluciennik and Olarte have co-operated within various projects in Finland and abroad. Their work focuses on creating audio-visual installations and interactive objects in which sound and images come together playfully to form an interactive and immersive experience for the audience.

This event is made with the support of Taike and City of Helsinki.

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