Bricks Tongue River, performance by Paolo Cingolani and Vera Lapitskaya

Location: Galleria Kolmas Kerros
Price: 10 / 7 eur (students, unemployed)
Address: H�meentie 157
Welcome to see “Bricks Tongue River” performance 
24.11. at 19:00 at Galleria Kolmas Kerros, Helsinki
BRICKS TONGUE RIVER is a performance which plays with an idea of complete and unfinished in each moment of time.

Movement as a solid element. Word as a flow of methaphores.

River as a streaming time which is never the same.

Movements, sounds, words are shaping strong yet very subtle world for two artists to coexist with each other.

concept, text, dance: Paolo Cingolani and Vera Lapitskaya

entrance fee: 10 / 7 eur (students, unemployed)

Galleria Kolmas Kerros, H�meentie 157, 3d floor, Helsinki


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