Ayotzinapa Mexico: actions and reflections against impunity

Location: Third Space
Address: Tarkk’ampujankatu 18, Helsinki

A group of Mexican students and artists living in Helsinki join their voices of concern and indignation for the prevailing violence and impunity in Mexico. Through art, interventions and critical discussion, they want to express their solidarity with the Ayotzinpa students, families, friends and colleagues and to all those who have not found justice due to negligence, collusion and corruption. Their aim is to provide an open space for creative actions and critical thinking, while raising public awareness and reflection about the current social and political challenges Mexico and other countries are facing.

From December 27-30, 2014 

A group of artists, researchers, students and general public, will gather to talk and discuss on the current global situation of corruption and impunity as growing phenomena. They’ll build collectively an installation that will remain in exhibition until January 10. 

From January 5-10, 2015 

Third Space opens its doors as a forum for reflection and intervention in order to open alternative spaces that could restore the meaning and value of words in modern society, which “� are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all men�s actions “(Freud).

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