Art (ex)-change

Location: Vapaa Taiteen Tila
Price: Free entry
Address: Vilhovuorenkuja 15 Helsinki

Art (ex)-change is an invitation to musicians and performance artists to interpret space through sound and voice. The peculiar space of Vapaa Taiteen Tila will be put in resonance in its various locations.

How could music performance and performance art come together? How to create meaningful intersections?

Curators Paola Livorsi and Diana Soria Hernandez.


Korvat auki collective 

Liina Kuittinen             

Daniel Malpica             

Outi Pulkkinen              

Olga Spyropoulou         

Art (ex)-change is part of Catalysti two years program Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity, supported by Kone Foundation.

Through this series of art events Catalysti aims to enrich multicultural life and create bridges between different communities, in Helsinki area and beyond.

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