ALIASING – In an ecosystem of social media

Location: MUU Galleria
Price: Free entry
Address: Lönnrotinkatu 33, 00180 Helsinki

The ALIASING exhibition reflects on how self-image and representation are constructed in social media, particularly Facebook. It looks at the processes of representing oneself and fabricating multiple personas through the use of social media; how these get scattered and transformed in the online world. It looks at social media as a self-feeding ecosystem that learn from data we provide and creates restorative and self-reassuring frameworks, also known as filter bubbles. 

ALIASING is also my pseudonym. An alias is a false name used to conceal one’s identity. In computing, aliasing is the use of aliases to designate files, commands; in signal processing, aliasing means misidentification, it is an effect that causes different signals to become indistinguishable (or aliases of one another) when sampled. I started using it to differentiate myself from my namesake, a sound artist, as people are often confusing us. These incidents led me to think about how representation is constructed in the networked world. Our presence on social media is always performative, and sometimes people seem quite different in their social media behavior from how I know them in real life. While technically connecting people and shortening distances between them, social media also creates a strong separation between me and my social circles. It has happened that my Facebook friends do not recognize me in real life. I talk to them through a wall. 

Two kinetic and interactive installations and one hybrid screening/VR experience reflect on these phenomena by mirroring, imitating, and simulating, and materialize the constructions of representation in social media. They make visible the learning process, the dynamic and logic of the ecosystem, which we as users are immersed in and reinforce. 

These three works offer the visitor different degrees of control but as a whole they bring forth a system that you can play with while being played by. Much like the ecosystem of social media itself. 

Opening at MUU Galleria, on Thu 2.8. at 17-19. Open: Tue-Fri 12-17, Sat-Sun 12-16.

Roberto Pugliese aka ALIASING, (ITA/FIN, b. 1980) is an artist and researcher based in Helsinki, working with timebased digital and physical media. His work consists of compositions, installations and performances.

Supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Aalto studios and Media Lab Helsinki

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