Dear Artists,

Catalysti is cooperating with the theatre company Strindberg Laboratory (US/Finland, for a one day festival, The Conqueror and the Conquered, to be held in Malmitalo on 25.4.2019.

It will be a community art work. The participants of the festival will be from marginalized populations, including people with disabilities, LGBTQ, people with criminal backgrounds, college students, immigrants and handicapped persons.

Promo video:

“What would bring people from different backgrounds together in Helsinki? Finnish society is very segregated with people who share a similar personal history interacting with each other and the rest being thought of as outsiders” (Strindberg Laboratory)

The day will open with a march of these populations for a more equal society, from Itäkeskus (location to be confirmed) to Malmi, pop-up booths in front of the hall and a new edition of Macbeth (see more infos here below).

The event is supported by the City of Helsinki.

Catalysti will contribute to one of the booths, building small figures representing some of the populations involved and telling their stories.

This could be done through a workshop for children (1 workshop coordinator), and could involve also one storyteller/actor/performance artist.

You are also invited to take part to the march, where there will be a banner of Catalysti Transcultural Artists, alongside with other foreign artists associations.

Save the date! 25.4.2019

Strindberg Laboratory is offering the following part time jobs for this production:

Stage-hand (1 person) 1 month part-time, 500 e

Lead team Leaders (5 p.), 1 month part-time, 300 e/person

Camera operator (2 p.) documentation, 3 days, 250 e/person

Pop-up booth builder, 2 months, 2000 e

Editor: edit video for documentation and production, 2 weeks, 300 e

Sound designer, 2 weeks, 800 e

If you are interested in participating in the pop-up booth, or in one of the jobs,

please send your application and CV to before 27.11.

Last but not least, see you at Catalysti pikkujoulu & open meeting on Friday 7.12. at 5-8 pm in Caisa

In Kaura hall, Kaikukatu 4, Helsinki.

It will be an occasion to have a good time together and start to think about next Catalysti board.

Please register at before 5.12.

“This festival event will create an experience in which the audience begins the festival with a specific viewpoint on where they fit in the world either being a conqueror or conquered, and through the series of theatrical events within the festival, change their viewpoint into one that is more understanding and inclusive.

What could bring the outsiders and the mainstream together? What if people cross over the invisible lines that divides Helsinki, not to help those that are less fortunate, but simply to partake in an event that a community that is considered not “Finnish” society has created.

We hope to create such an event with pop up booths created by this outside community and college students, that tell a specific historical event, the history of the Suomenlinna Prison during the Civil War: a history that is seemingly Finnish but also has implications with the history from people all over the world, including the United States. This coupled with the production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth will show that the common tale of conqueror and the conquered unites all people” (Strindberg Laboratory).