Results of Open call for Moniheli fair, Integration 2018

Catalysti proposed the following performers to Moniheli fair, Integration 2018, 18.9.2018:

Ahoo Band, a fusion of Spanish, Middle Eastern band, based on the Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, Arabic traditions, with Western jazz elements. 

La Colectiva: Radikaali Sekoitus // Mixtas y Radicales. Performance with video, sound and poetry collage. La Colectiva: Martina Adela Miño, Roxana Crisólogo, Rosamaría Bolom and Ana Gutieszca

Suvadeep Das, Echographic Synergy of Dissonance and sonance. Sound performance with a self made instrument, Dhwani Yantra, and a custom made instrument, Bowed Psaltery. 

Libero Mureddu (keyboards) and Moritz Cartheuser (electric guitar and objects) 

Moniheli will communicate the final selection soon. Thanks to all the applicants!

Catalysti board