Open call for Caisa opening autumn 2018

Dear artists,

Catalysti is joining forces to apply to Caisa re-opening in autumn 2018, in the new premises in Kallio. You�re invited to send proposals on the theme "Big Brothers and Sisters", proposed by our fellow artist Victor X:

 "It doesn't have to be limited by Orwell's horrors. The AI is coming into our lives slowly but surely. It is adding something substantially new. Watch our kids talking to their Siris and Alices, this is a brave new world" (Victor X). 

So the theme is about AI - Artificial Intelligence and its many implications in nowadays world. We are looking for: 

- artworks using AI: poetry, music, visual and media art, performance art

- works of human artists either inspired by or related to AI art

- human artists' art works that remind of the main purpose of AI services - mass surveillance

We plan to propose:

 - a program for a live art event (4-5 artists)

- a proposition for a small exhibition, with 1-2 performance art interventions (4 visual artists + 1-2 performance artists)

The events will be funded in collaboration with Caisa. The period spans from September-December 2018, more details will be communicated later. 

This open call does not prevent you from applying to Caisa on an individual basis, if you wish to. 

Please send your proposition, with a written description of the project/art work and a technical rider (min. 350 words) and your CV to before 4.2.2018.

Looking forward!

Paola & Catalysti board