Vote about joining Globe Art Point

3 September, 2019 - 09:23

There are many good reasons to join GAP, many of us pointed out that our association needs to be more connected and less isolated. In Catalysti survey, 70% of the members said they are interested in joining umbrella associations, and 25% in joining Globe Art Point.

There will be an Open meeting to further discuss the matter and vote about it, on Tuesday 3.9. in Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki at 5-7 pm, room Ohra.

AGM meeting minutes 28.5.2019

24 June, 2019 - 10:19


Tuesday 28th of May, 17.00-19.00. at Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki

Minutes signed by:  David and Nadja

Secretary for the minutes: Roberto Pugliese

Paola Livorsi opened the meeting at 17.20.

Present: Nana Kim Hwanhee, Roberto Fusco, Giorgio Convertito, Nadja Pärssinen, Marek Pluciennik, Oliver Whitehead, Erich Weidle, Tanya Tyniälä, Paola Livorsi.

Delegate votes: Yasushi Koyama, David Flood, Erika De Martino, Britt Al-Busultan, Tatiana Solovieva.

Members' survey results

24 June, 2019 - 10:14

Survey for Catalysti members, 25.4.-20.5.2019

Thanks for participating in the members' survey. Here you can read the results. Let's engage all of us to improve the situation!

New social gatherings will be organised in the autumn, starting with a café on 27.8. Save the date!


Number of participants

24 responses (out of 150, 16%)

Members based in: Helsinki or Helsinki area

41,7 % Helsinki

8,3 % Espoo

4,2% Vantaa

4,2% Mexico

Catalysti is looking for a new intern

10 June, 2019 - 12:45

Catalysti is looking for a new intern since 19.8.2019 onwards, for a maximum of six months. The tasks will include website and social media updating, communication and help with art events organisation.

The job is half time, 20 hours a week.

The internship will be done in agreement with the Unemployment office (työkokeilu or työharjoittelu) so the applicant must be registered as unemployed. The wage will be payed by TE-office, and the amount will be calculated by the office, according to your situation.

Catalysti Annual General Meeting 2019

6 June, 2019 - 18:47

Catalysti held its Annual General Meeting on 28.5.2019, at Caisa Cultural Centre, Helsinki. 

The agenda included the presentation and discussion of the members' survey, a report will be published soon. Thanks to Roberto for doing it!

Nine people were present and five delegated their vote. Paola was reconfirmed as chairperson by the assembly, and these are the results of the board members vote:

Roberto Fusco 12
David Flood 11
Tatiana Solovieva 11
Nadja Pärssinen 10
Tanya Tyniälä 9
Walter Fondo 4

Catalysti Press Conference 2019

9 March, 2019 - 11:12

Catalysti will hold its first Press Conference in Caisa Cultural Centre, on Monday 18.3. at 12.00.

The program Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity 2019 will be announced.

For Catalysti there will be Paola Livorsi, Tatiana Solovieva, Curt Richter, Nadja Pärssinen and Virpi Velin.

Please join us, if you can!

Catalysti election results

16 February, 2019 - 15:40

Yesterday three new members were elected to Catalysti board: Roberto Pugliese (16 votes), David Flood (12), Tanya Tyniälä (12). There were 22 voters, 12 present, 10 delegate letters.

There were six candidates, Roberto Pugliese, David Flood, Tanya Tyniälä, Nadja Pärssinen (6 votes), Victor Out (2), Walter Fondo (6).

The present board has 7 members: Paola Livorsi, Tatiana Solovieva, Roberto Pugliese, David Flood, Tanya Tyniälä, Ebunoluwa Kivinen, Uzair Amjad.

The next election will take place later in the spring, during the Annual General Meeting.

Extraordinary General Meeting 15.2.

13 February, 2019 - 09:29

Catalysti Extraordinary General Meeting, in Caisa, Kaikukatu 4, Maissi -sali, on Friday 15.2. at 5-7 pm. The assembly will elect three new board members.

Call for new board members

30 January, 2019 - 09:48

Catalysti needs three more active members on the board! 

Present board members Ebunoluwa Kivinen and Uzair Amjad are currently very busy and would like to remain as reserve board members, learn in the process and get more active next year. Gian Majidi informed us that he´d prefer to step down from the board, as he´s too busy with his studies and artistic activity. Btw. Mariam Haji left the board last summer, as she realised to be too busy. 

Kone grant 2019-20 and new curators

9 January, 2019 - 17:40

Kone foundation awarded Catalysti a grant of 53 000 e for the series of events Diversity in Art: Art in Diversity, taking place in 2019 and 2020.

The program will start on 21.3.2019 with an event for the Week Against Racism curated by Curt Richter, in WHS theatre. The focus will be diversity in all its forms, with a special attention to the LGBTQ community.

World Village Festival 2019 edition, with focus on Climate Change, will be curated by Willem Wilhelmus.

Other open calls will be launched soon. Stay tuned!


15 November, 2018 - 11:30

Dear Artists,

Catalysti is cooperating with the theatre company Strindberg Laboratory (US/Finland, for a one day festival, The Conqueror and the Conquered, to be held in Malmitalo on 25.4.2019.

Catalysti 5th year anniversary get-together

26 September, 2018 - 15:12

Dear Artists,

Welcome to Catalysti 5th year Anniversary get-together!

On Thursday 25th October at 19:00 in Maunulatalo, Metsäpurontie 4, Helsinki. Please confirm your participation before 19.10.

Five years is an important amount of time and we will love to be all together celebrating.

It will be also an occasion to meet and have an open talk about the future of the association.

We wish as many of you can be present!

Results of Open call for Moniheli fair, Integration 2018

2 September, 2018 - 10:27

Catalysti proposed the following performers to Moniheli fair, Integration 2018, 18.9.2018:

Ahoo Band, a fusion of Spanish, Middle Eastern band, based on the Turkish, Persian, Kurdish, Arabic traditions, with Western jazz elements. 

La Colectiva: Radikaali Sekoitus // Mixtas y Radicales. Performance with video, sound and poetry collage. La Colectiva: Martina Adela Miño, Roxana Crisólogo, Rosamaría Bolom and Ana Gutieszca

Results of Open Call for Tumultus - live cinema at Myymälä2 23.8.

10 August, 2018 - 11:21

Thank you all for your proposals! We wish the time and budget constraints would allow for all of the proposals to be produced! We are happy to invite Derek Holzer to perform his Vector Synthesis live cinema performance at the Causatum 2 Live Cinema event on the 23 August 2018 .  

OPEN CALL results: internships in Catalysti

26 June, 2018 - 10:03

Dear all,

The board chose two persons for the internship in Catalysti, starting in August 2018: Jordy Valderrama and Sheung Yiu.

Thank you to all the applicants!

Summer greetings,

Catalysti board

OPEN CALL: internship in Catalysti

6 June, 2018 - 10:55


Would you like to give us a hand at the office?

Catalysti is looking for an intern since 1.8.2018 onwards. The tasks include website and social media updating, communication and help with art events organisation.

The internship will be done in agreement with the Unemployment office (työkokeilu or työharjoittelu) so the applicant must be registered as unemployed.

Catalysti new board 2018

22 May, 2018 - 15:20

Dear Catalysti artists,

During the Annual General Meeting of last 14.5. a brand new board has been elected!

The voters were 31, of which 14 present. All the candidates were elected: 

Mariam Haji (28 votes), Uzair Amjad (26), Ebunoluwa Kivinen (23), Tatiana Solovieva (23), Paola Livorsi (chairperson, 20) and Gian Majidi (reserve board member, 19).

Thanks to the former board members, especially to our founding members Edwina Goldstone and Marek Pluciennik.

Catalysti Annual General Meeting 2018

3 May, 2018 - 17:33

Dear Catalysti Artists,

You´re warmly welcome to Catalysti Annual General Meeting:

On Monday May 14th at 17:00

At Thirsty Scholar, Fabianinkatu 37 Helsinki

It is important that most of you will attend, as it is the moment of the year to elect the new board: see you there!

Caisa selection of Catalysti artists

3 May, 2018 - 11:39

Following Catalysti application, Caisa will present two live art works by Catalysti artists:

MIRROR, MIRROR SEES THEM ALL, multimedia performance by Nadja Pärssinen, Roberto Pugliese and Virpi Velin.

RED ROOM, sound performance by Jaap Klevering.

The live art event "Big Brothers and Sisters", on a concept by Victor X, will take place in Caisa new venue, Leipätehdas, Helsinki, in October 2018.

Big thanks to all the artists for their interesting propositions!



30 April, 2018 - 12:30

We are happy to announce our newest members, who joined Catalysti since the beginning of 2018:

Azar Saiyar  - Film, Visual Arts

Gian Majidi  - Music

Jakob Johannsen - Photography, Visual Arts


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