Associations and organisations

Contributing to Cultural Diversity in the Finnish Art and Culture Field

The European Union Migrant Artists Network (EU-MAN) was established in 1997, in Turku, Finland to establish professional migrant artists who live and work in the EU region. Its work concentrates on visual artists. EU-MAN also publishes a quarterly magazine entitled Universal Colours, which focuses upon the work and experiences of professional migrant artists and also highlights the work of one artist in each issue.

The KASSANDRA International Art Centre highlights Finland�s internal internationalism, brings together new and native Finnish artists and helps to create a new Finnish identity.THE KASSANDRA THEATRE produces drama performances and art events, arranges training in artistic expression and builds cooperation bridges to other Nordic countries.KASSANDRA EDUCATION offers information about intercultural communication and arranges art workshops for women, children, young people and schoolchildren.THEKASSANDRA PROGRAMME AGENCY produces and arranges art programmes: music, dance, poetry recitals. Artists who work at Kassandra are presented inthe website.

The international Cultural Centre Caisa is an international cultural centre established in the core of Helsinki in 1996. It is subject to the City of Helsinki Cultural Office. Its object is to support the development of a diversified city by promoting interaction between people from different countries, encouraging the independant original practice of new ethnic minority cultures whilst integrating them into a finnish society and giving out information on Finland.

The International Cultural Centre Caisa organises and executes concerts, food festivals, exhibitions, seminars, courses, clubs and its own singing competition The Ourvision Singing Contest ( During the year 2010 the contest changed to a Dance Contest and was called Ourvision Goes Dancing. 

The Global Music Centre is an institute with the key task of collating, recording and distributing information about global music culture. The principal aim is to increase the understanding of individual and group values in different types of music, amongst listeners, musicians and researchers, and to expand awareness of the importance of music as a form of communication and as something which strengthens identity. Equality and respect for others form the basis for the ideals on which the institute operates. Global Music Centre produces also the oldest world music festival in Finland, ETNOSOI, which is one of the founding members of the European Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals (EFWMF)

Helsinki International Artists� Association, HIAA, is a registered artists� association for international artists living in Finland or elsewhere. It aims to promote interaction between artists from different countries, with different background and education. HIAA brings together artists to exchange ideas, to talk about art and artists� life in Finland and elsewhere, to learn new techniques and to participate in group exhibitions. It is open to all visual artists regardless of formal education or nationality. The association language is English.

PAND Artist for peace was founded in 1983. It is an independent organization for artists and cultural people wishing to work for disarmament, peace and human rights. Pand arranges events and campaigns to spread the idea of peace, and cooperates with other organizations of artists, peace and human rights as well as supports progress in development counties and cultural exchange. Pand is a member of the international movement for peace, Pand International.

ETC. European Theatre Collective is an association formed by professional migrant artists that also offers theatre-related networks in Finland.

Programs and projects

Babel workshops is a program at Helsinki Art Musem, where transcultural artists teach museum visitors in different languages. Workshops are open to all people of all ages who are interested in new art experiences and would like to create an art project connected to the theme of the current exhibition. Workshop instructions will be available in Finnish, English and the artist�s native language.