Kookos gallery: Open call

International art exhibition The cosmopolitan writing

The calligraphy of mankind has a very long history. The different 
writings reflect their cultural background, their way of thinking and 
philosophy. Through the various writing strokes, we could easily sense 
the writer´s  emotional  expression and  his spiritual world, and 
resonate with it.

With the era of globalization, the world of writing 
becomes a common and universal issue. On one hand, through the 
expression of writing, one could effectively get in contact with the 
environment of the artist; on the other hand, the regional 
characteristics of writing makes us to reflect on the contradictory 
impact of our regional cultural inheritance and globalization.

Exhibition time: 27.9 - 14.10.2018

Opening: 27.9  Thursday 5-7 pm

Exhibition place: Galleria Kookos space 1 and 2

Curators: Dr. Guohui Chen, Mari Bromroos-Heininen

Application dates: 
01.09.2018 to 18.09.2018