Third Space Open Call - Freedom Portal

Throughout 2017, we developed the Freedom Portal platform to organize unauthorized shows in public space.
We now invite artists, researchers, activists, etc � to provide content for this new platform. What we seek are site-specific works that try to establish a dialog with the venue they are installed in. Works that underline, confront, challenge or simply echo with a specific place, what is being done there, what it represents or its history.
We accept submissions in any format that can run on a web page: image, text, audio, video, or a full web site. The work submitted doesn�t need to be new, but the applicant is responsible for adapting it to the web format.
We will award 2 commissions for an amount of 400� each, and provide limited technical assistance throughout the production of the work.
To apply, please send an email to th1rdspac3(at)gmail(dot)com before the 16th of April at 24:00 EET containing:

  1. A description of the work (max 2000 characters)
  2. As much documentation of the work as possible (links, pictures, videos, �). If the work is new, you can also send examples of previous works that are relevant to your proposal.
  3. A plan answering the following questions (max 2000 characters):
  • What is the venue you want your work to be installed in (only Helsinki will be considered)
  • Why did you choose that specific place? How is your work relevant there?
  • In practice, is it possible to install there? is it a high-security place? Does it have working power outlets on the walls? Is it within range of another place you have access to (WiFi networks do not care about walls)? Anything else specific to consider?

?In the subject field write: Freedom portal application.
Please do not send a bio nor a CV, we do not need to know who you are, only what you do.
If you have any question, don�t hesitate to send an email to th1rdspac3(at)gmail(dot)com

Application dates: 
09.04.2018 to 16.04.2018
Performance art
Visual arts