Newcomers - Reframing the future of Finland

Finland is undergoing a significant transformation towards more diverse and open culture. The number of people who are newcomers in Finland is growing. Newcomers, their personal histories and stories shape our collective understanding of our society and culture. There is a need for ways of integrating these new stories into our collective narrative. And also, make newcomers and their peers storytellers of this new narrative of Finland and its open-ended future.

The think tank Demos Helsinki will organise 'Newcomers - Reframing the future of Finland' as part of the exhibition Studio Aleppo Helsinki. The event gathers together newcomers and their peers: people working with initiatives that aim to connect newcomers to Finland. The aim is to reflect lessons from Studio Aleppo process and imagine how newcomers and their presence shapes the cultural narrative of this society and how cultural institutions should reflect this transition.

The evening consist of a couple of inspirational speeches and a so-called �open space�. The speeches will touch upon the Studio Aleppo project and the role of museums in reframing the future. The �open space� refers to ad-hoc groups that will form by itself as people gather around those who announce topics of their closest interest. The event will end with a small panel discussion about the �history of the future�. Demos Helsinki will be guide the participants through the interactive evening.

Demos Helsinki is a Nordic think tank focusing on smarter use of natural resources and human capabilities. The co-organizers of the event are Suomen kansallismuseo - The National Museum of Finland, MiklagardArts and Kulttuurikeskus Caisa (International Cultural Centre Caisa).

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The National Museum of Finland�s Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] is part of an international series of events, the goal of which is to strengthen the importance of empathy and equality in the discussion concerning immigration. Studio Aleppo [Helsinki] is a pop-up photography studio of Juuso Westerlund and exhibition that brings together new and old citizens of Finland. 

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Co-organizers of the event:

Suomen kansallismuseo - The National Museum of Finland


Kulttuurikeskus Caisa

Event date(s): 
15.08.2017 - 18:00
Location / Venue: 
Suomen kansallismuseo - The National Museum of Finland

Mannerheimintie 34, 00100 Helsinki