KUBRI AL HAMIR (Bridge of Donkeys) - Exhibition

KUBRI AL HAMIR (Bridge of Donkeys)

Travel the four corners
To find a conflict
To bring it back
Like a disease 
To heal your own kind

Regimes fail � patronisers crave conflicts from beyond their own borders. Shielding themselves from unbearable hidden lightness, lacking the social litmus to keep them from enacting endless theatrical wars for the imaginary masses to feed their own vanity. Solemnly counting on the aftermath to bear rotten fruit. The glamorous conflict � a place to perish for � in peace.

Sharif Waked (Chic Point, 2003) �Bath Time� � a donkey camouflaged as a zebra. Daniel Reichenbach makes a flashpoint in code � a hybrid of spirit and fauna. Maya Attoun's new-wave Psycho Killer (qu�est-ce que c�est?). Sepideh Rahaa removes her cloak. Adel Ibrahim's three mute words. Pentti Otto Koskinen and a rock. Marc Rudin's years in solitary confinement, his designs fighting for peace?

Sharif Waked, Bath Time, 2012
Daniel Reichenbach, Kubri Al Hamir, 2004-2014
Maya Attoun, Psycho Killer, 2014
Sepideh Rahaa, Untitled, 2014
Adel Ibrahim, Calligraphy, 2014
Pentti Otto Koskinen, Rock on the rock, tear upon tear, 2014
Marc Rudin, Posters, 1971-2012

Event date(s): 
30.09.2014 - 09:00 to 27.10.2014 - 15:00
Location / Venue: 
Kallio Kunsthalle

Toinen linja 31, Helsinki