Dear Suomi: group exhibition

Jetty Barracks Gallery presents exhibition Dear Suomi with artists Kenan T�rkmen, Kirsi Syrlin, Kene Truve, Geneva Rosett-Hafter, Eila Leonoff, Clif Nay, Chris Fraser, Rosamaria Bolom, Suzanne Shortt, Semra T�rkmen, Timo Ala-V�h�l� and Julia P�rn�nen.

This exhibition claims that, in the year following the celebrations of one hundred years of independence in Finland, citizens and visitors alike can discover and recognize today�s Finland as a place for creativity and diversity.

�Dear Suomi explores today�s Finland as a multicultural nation and initiates a conversation about the current state of our society�. Hanna Kress, Curator


Event date(s): 
25.01.2018 - 12:00 to 18.02.2018 - 16:00
free entry
Location / Venue: 
Jetty Barracks Gallery

Suomenlinna C1 00190 Helsinki